UFC Fight Night Main Event: Featherweight

Emmett vs. Topuria

1.68 mHeight1.7 m
65.8 kgWeight65.8 kg
177.8 cmReach175.3 cm

A Rising champion for the featherweight division in the UFC is set to take his stand in Jacksonville FL as the main event in tomorrow night’s Fight Night. Ilia Topuria, a 26 year old Georgian Wrestler and already holding five wins in the UFC and a total of thirteen win and zero losses is set to be the favourite against Josh Emmett who holds a fairly impressive resume of his own.

Topuria has a habit of finishing his opponents in the first round, favoring a submission over a knock out finish, while Emmett holds more wins by TKO but Topuria should underestimate Emmett’s Jiu Jitsu. Emmett is currently coming of a interim championship loss he sustained earlier this year in Perth, Australia.

Topuria has his eye on climbing into the top five for the featherweight division, and he has both youth and the confidence of his winning streak propelling him. So is Emmett risking his comfortable top five ranking in tomorrow nights match up? Tune in because we’ll give you the results and give you a breakdown analysis of what is sure to be a spectacle.